Monday, September 7, 2009

Texas Welcomes You!

Tuesday I flew to Texas...such an adventure first I flew from Salt Lake to Denver, when we got to Denver there had been a breech in security so all the passengers getting off were stuck in the tarmac, because they couldn't enter the airport. We were stuck there for a good 40 minutes before they finally cleared everything. I heard one of the flight attendants say that it generally happens at least once a week in Vegas- generally someone trying to go out the wrong door or something. After Denver I flew to San Antonio and switched planes and then was finally able to fly to Houston where my dear friends Erin, Jamie, J.J., and Kandis picked me up! We headed back towards Tomball where Erin lives but on the way there we stopped for lunch because everyone was hungry! We stopped at this place called Whataburger, it was super yummy and entertaining!

Jamie being her beautiful silly self!

The soon-to-be (or at least they were soon-to-be when this picture was taken) married couple.

My first look and welcome to Erin's hometown!

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