Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dinner of the Groom

The night before wedding dinner I guess is always considered the Groom's Dinner (I don't know if I ever paid attention during my siblings weddings to realize that detail), J.J.'s family set up a really nice dinner of lasagna and salad and super yummy (do you notice that I use that phrase a lot?) garlic bread at the church and then had some entertainment from different family members afterwards.

Lucky Jamie...as she was the maid of honor she had the special duty of giving a speech, she did beautifully but I am sure glad that I did not have the duty :D

The best part of the entertainment was probably J.J., his brother Trent, and their uncle juggling.

Erin's little cousin was one brave kid to stand there while they threw stuff in front of him and behind him.

This was probably the best part, he juggled apples while taking bites out of them---though it was a little messy!

Swords! Scary!

J.J.'s family also provided us with a few songs, they were beautiful and all of their voices blended together very well.

J.J.'s Grandma accompanying them.

Little Evan was super cute!

3 of J.J.'s sisters, I loved how they matched...though Kandis wasn't super excited about it as pink is not her favorite color :D

After the singing the Dad's gave little speeches, Erin's Dad gave them 18 months I believe to produce a grandchild, probably the funniest thing ever because then the next night when they were getting ready to leave from the reception someone started chanting 18 months! 18 months! Pretty soon everyone joined in, HILARIOUS!

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