Saturday, September 19, 2009


I haven't always been very good at sharing the gospel and what I believe with others, at least not so much with lots of words- not that I don't want to but when it comes to putting myself out there it kind of scares me and it also makes me aware of how much I really don't know. This past week though I have had a couple of chances to share with others.

Thursday night my best friend Elise came over and hung out with me and she chose to watch The 2nd Singles Ward as she didn't remember seeing it (when we were in High School Elise's parents went to Mexico for a couple of weeks and she stayed with us, on Sunday's the only movies that my parents would allow her to watch were the one's made by LDS people-such The RM, Best Two Years, The Singles Ward, etc.). For those that haven't seen it there comes a part where the two main characters are preparing to get married and the bride-to-be's parents aren't LDS and many conversations come up in the movie about the Temple, marriages, and other parts of the church. Through the conversations in the movie Elise started to ask me questions, at one point she asked me about marriage in the Temple and how it is different. I explained to her that most marriages they say "Till Death Do You Part" (her sister got married a couple of weeks ago so she understood that) but that we believe through the Temple covenants that you make we believe that your marriage continues on after death...I was able to then tell her that because of the covenants that my Mom and Dad made they know that they will be together again when my Mom dies and this is not the end. When I was done explaining that to her she told me that she liked that a lot better that the other one was kind of depressing. Throughout the movie Elise asked several other questions and we were able to have conversations about them. It was such a wonderful feeling for me to be able to share with her, she hasn't always been the most open to any religion and I wasn't always sure if I could share with her, but I was so grateful to be able to answer some of her questions.

Another experience that I had happened tonight, I was at work when there was a lull when I didn't have any customers. One of the managers (Gary) came up to me and asked me what I knew about Mormon history, he had been reading several books lately and they had refered to something that he thought was pretty cool- I hadn't heard about what he was asking me but I hope to research it and be able to go back to him with the answers. He also said that there were several things that he was impressed with the church with, one thing that he mentioned was the encouragement to have food stored, he said "I don't have 30 days worth but my wife and I do store some," it was so neat to be able to discuss with him why there are good reasons to store food, especially when Gary is not generally one that I have any form of good conversations with.

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