Sunday, September 20, 2009


On Tuesday before I got to Korrin's house I made a stop at the Woodburn outlet mall, the first store I walked into was Van Heusen, there was signs everywhere saying HUGE SALE!, I walked through the store not really seeing anything that I liked when I saw a super adorable sweater and it was in the right size! I took it up and got 50% off and I also got a headband 70% off! Next I went to Lane Bryant- because of course you know I had to find a dress to match my new sweater :D I was looking through the dresses and saw this cute pink dress and was holding it up to myself trying to decide whether to try it on when this lady walked by and told me that the color looked really good on me (I guess that was the decider :D)...I tried it on and LOVED IT! It was already marked down from it's original price and then I got 50% off of that! All in all I would say that it was a pretty good day for my shopping! :D
Just the dress.

Dress with the new sweater.

I wasn't really sure if you could see the ruffle detail on the sweater so had to show a close-up.

Tuesday night after the movie we also went to Target and I saw these super cute shoes...they were in the clearance section and were marked down to $12.99 and I thought that, that was a good deal and then when I got up to the checkstand and it ended up being only $9! How did I luck out so much? I don't generally go out with different colored shoes, I stick with the blacks, browns, and blues but I absolutely fell in love with these shoes and was happy to have them cheaper than I was planning on. :D

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