Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh BYU, How I Love You!

For those of you that haven't been able to tell I Love BYU and am a huge-major-(insert another BIG word here) fan of them. I was super sad to have to work on Saturday but was glad that my brother was able to keep me updated throughout the day via Twitter texts (:D).

I love this video, one of the most recent comments on it was that every time the person watched it, it sends chills down their spine...I totally agree with them.

My brother sent us this e-mail today from someone that was at the game and this was their perspective from being at the game...
“Oh yes…. I was there (cue music)

ESPN radio AND all the commentators right outside the stadium - they said
on loud speakers right to our faces – ALL four of them – that Oklahoma was
not only going to win…. but also beat the spread of 22 points. “It’s going
to be a long day for Max Hall and BYU”, “BYU’s defense has never seen an
offence like this and simply will not be able to stop them”, “BYU’s young
offensive line is going to get a rude awakening this evening”

Then… we took our seats and saw 70,000 Oklahoma fans pack the stadium.
Moments before the game, ALL of them stood up, boldly and proudly raised
their hands (#1) and recited their poem of champions. The big screen showed
scene after scene of championship moments in OU’s history – 3 minutes
straight - The OU band was there drumming a powerful, slow and steady beat
like they were ready to go to war. I confess… the intimidation worked.
It felt like we were going to get throttled…. But then…

Just before the cougars took the field, the giant 70yd HUGE screen faded
from red to blue…. and the BYU fans stood proudly to their feet. The
mega-tron played the first 2 minutes of this
clip…(The first clip with Bronco Medenhall called Today) Every person in that
entire stadium focused on every word. Then they followed it up with this
one. (The one above--BYU's Official 2009 Video). The players took the

Have you got your T-Shirt yet? If not hurry and get them at the BYU Bookstore on campus or order it here. Do it! Do it now!

This is one reason why I am sad to not be in Provo, how awesome would it be to be running in the streets cheering like crazy with your fellow fans or going to the Provo airport at 2 in the morning to greet your players? Once again...BYU, I LOVE YOU!

Quick speech from Bronco Mendenhall at the airport.

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