Monday, September 28, 2009

Stupid Deer!

Stupid Deer! I have chased them away at least 3 times today and at most 20 times this past week! They are becoming tamer and aren't as scared of me when I come chasing after them, it's starting to get really annoying! Anyone else having problems with deer?

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  1. Um...yes.

    They ate everything down to the nub. It was a lovely summer, it's not like they were starving. And they told all their friends about our "buffet." We would walk towards them, trying to get them to go away, but the darn thing decides to walk towards US! He looked eager, like we were going to feed him right from our hands or something! Then he saucily started licking himself in front of us, about 3 feet away. Yeah, I'd use the word "tamer."