Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

Wednesday morning Korrin and I decided to go see our good friend Jill, in the last year she has moved to a new house and neither she and I had been to her new house- but we headed off with instructions on how to get there and were gone. We pulled up the road and saw her house and what we assumed was her driveway, I was about part way up the driveway when we realized that it was the wrong one, as there was no way to turn around I started to back the very end the driveway curved really sharp but I didn't see that so I pulled myself into a ditch. The car wasn't really in the ditch but the tire was hanging over it :(
Korrin and I thought that we should put the car in neutral and then try pushing the car out, we quickly discovered that, that did not work :D Next I called my brother Nathan and asked him what he suggested to do. We put Korrin in the driver seat and with the help of a guy that was passing by we were able to push the car out of the ditch, Yeah! Oh the things I do with my day off :D

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