Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Prep

All weddings have many hours of prep that goes into them, many of those hours in the many months leading up to the wedding. But in the several days before the wedding there are hundreds of man hours and generally they are not really documented, but you know me I take pictures of everything...generally a lot of the random stuff :D

The day before the wedding almost all adults that did not have young children to be taken care of were wrangled into helping prep food for the next day.

Jamie and I got put in charge of making a fruit've heard of doubling a recipe- we 10x the recipe

Grandma's and friends were all involved.

Awesome aunts and uncles worked on absolutely beautiful wedding cakes.

Fruit and other food was brought in by the truck load.

Absolutely yummy and beautiful cake was made by Mom's, Dad's, Grandma's, and best friends

A couple of the many cakes baking.

Only part of the flowers...there were huge fans on them to keep them cool and so they spread the smell throughout the whole house.

Batter for only ONE cake!

Red velvet...still not my favorite cake but isn't that gorgeous?

Presents and other supplies for the reception

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