Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Delicious Dinner

Not many pictures for the past couple of days, they are actually all from last night during Brooke's and my dinner.

This first picture is of my dinner, my coffin bread. I don't think that I could really find a picture earlier to show it to you the first time that I had it, so this time I remembered to take a picture of it. This flavor is barbecue pork- it was really yummy. I really like this stuff and it only costs $40NT but the bad part is that it is really greasy.

This is Brooke preparing her dinner, she wasn't too happy with me for taking this picture or the other that I took.

Here Brooke is eating her dinner, she wasn't happy with me as I had my camera ready and took the picture right after she finished saying her prayer.

Yummy, yummy ice cream. The other ice cream that I tried I didn't like too much, but this tasted really good- just like soft serve ice cream with chocolate sauce. I tried taking a picture of Brooke eating her ice cream but she yelled at me and took me to take hers and take a picture with it (the one on the left is obviously mine :D)

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