Sunday, August 10, 2008

True Excitement...Pictures :D

Once again here is bunch of photos that kind of apply to the past week....

This is what a toilet here in Taiwan looks like... Ok so not ALL toilets here look like that, but quite a few of them do (and I have yet to use one :D). This was at Carrefour, we went into the bathroom and all of them were like this so we went and used the handicapped one :D.

I don't know if you can really tell what this is but it is a bruise on my leg. I somehow got it when I first got here and then it began to heal a little bit, but then when I came home the other night and looked at my leg I noticed that it was worse again and it looked like more blood cells had been broken open. Yeah! (not)

This is my tablecloth!! Isn't it pretty? Brooke did it for me, somehow she folded it and then placed chopsticks on it and then rubber banded (she admitted that some other lady did most of it for her). You are only seeing one half, but the other half is the same thing.

This is me eating my dinner at Carrefour (the mall/ big store that we went to if you haven't read my previous post)..notice I am using the chopsticks :D!!! (not very well)

So this was my cup that I got my drink in. I thought it rather interesting that the words were in French (at least I think that they are French) and then all of the little boxes or whatever are in English.

Yummy! Doesn't that just look delish? When we were going up and down the aisles looking at things we found these next two pictures. Can't tell what they are? Let me hlep, they are a snack food of peanuts and almonds with sardines! Just makes you hungry don't it?

This is the sign of what you will see outside the bathroom stall to tell you what kind of toilet it is. Exciting ain't it?

This past week our theme in class was Gardens, on Thursday we traced our hands and made sunflowers. Charlie decided that he didn't want his and he gave me his. So here is a pretty picture to remember it by. And to show you the cool things that I am doing in class :D

I guess this past Thursday was Valentines Day in Taiwan. It is not a very big thing but Natalie was very sweet and bought chocolate for Brooke and I, these two pictures are of the chocolate sucker that she got us. I woke up with it taped to my apartment door.

Here is a picture of my dinner from when we went to Carrefour. I actually got quite a bit for my little over $3 or $115NT.

I wasn't quite sure if I had posted a picture of Natalie or not. So here is Natalie eating her dinner at Carrefour on Friday night.

My pizza. I don't remember if I mentioned my shopping trip to the grocery store on Wednesday. I was so proud of myself as Natalie followed behind me and I lead the way. I remembered the whole way and she never had to help once :D Anyway we were making fun of each other as we bought things that were very normal American food, here is one of them (I bought frozen pizza). I thought that it was interesting though as they put corn on all of their pizzas.

Here is another thing that I got at the grocery store when we went shopping on Wednesday. It is a cloth bag that has one of the Olympic characters on it, it came with some soda in it.

And here is the package of the soda (Sprite) that came in the cloth bag.

Here in Taiwan they have a fruit called Dragon Fruit. Brooke and I have made friends with a girl named June, who is the only member in her family. She is going to BYU. Tuesday afternoon Brooke and her hung out. That night June's father sent home some Dragon Fruit for Brooke and I to share (I thought that it was sweet of him- he doesn't speak any English but when we were there he wanted to make sure that we were really comfortable and had enough food). Anyway this is what the fruit looks like on the outside, quite a beautiful fruit if you ask me.

This is the Dragon Fruit cut in half. They can come in both white in the middle or purple. I was looking at some other pictures of it, and that fruit is amazing.

Again here is the dragon fruit cut into pieces.

And here I am trying the Dragon Fruit. I wasn't that impressed with the flavor. It had a texture of Kiwi. I am glad that I tried it but I don't think that it would be a fruit that I would seek out on my own- I wouldn't say No to it though probably.

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