Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Picture Hodgepodge

I haven't been very good at putting up pictures of the past week. I was just able to get some pictures today from Luke and Kaylene so I figured that I should probably put it all up while I still remember what things are :D

This is Sister Nee, one of the sisters that was in our branch, she got transferred this past Monday. The like two days that I knew her, she seemed like an amazing person.

This was from Sunday night at the Children Art Camp, this violin and flute player were both amazing, the music that they played were beautiful.

This is the same group that does the Sign Language Opera, they have wonderful voices. I loved how they were always in such synchronization.

They did this song where they went through 3 different parts. The first one was where Luke came in and he wrote Chinese calligraphy, the next one was actually the guy coming in and doing the tea service, it was amazing how much detail each person had to pay attention to. And the third person that came out was actually Kaylene and she set the flower arrangement. She only had a chance to practice once before the actual performance and they were very particular about how she did it.

The next three pictures are of the Sign Language Opera. These are of the first dance, unfortunately I didn't get my camera out in time to take pictures of it, but Kaylene let me steal pictures off of her camera so that I could have some.

These two are of the Children drama play that was after the Sign Language Opera, they were really funny as they were doing a version of Snow White.

This first picture is of just a view that I saw from Tzu Chi College, I just thought that it was gorgeous.

The next three pictures are from Saturday at the opening ceremonies. They are of Kaylene, Natalie, Brooke, and I (plus all of the kids in the background) doing the dances, it was quite fun and entertaining.

This was taken on Saturday at the Elementary school, the courtyard is behind us. In order it is Kaylene, Luke, Natalie, Doctor Tsai (I just realized that I had been saying Director but I am pretty sure that it is actually Doctor), Me, and then Brooke.

This is a picture of outside our washer, notice that it is outside. It is downstairs (underneath our stairs actually) and we share it with the preschool- so we cannot forget and leave our clothes in there for very long.

This is a picture of my clothes inside the washer (oh yeah I almost forgot, why I mentioned above that it was outside was the first time I went to get my clothes out it was raining!! Quite an adventure :D)

This of course is my clothes hang drying outside (they didn't dry very quickly as it has been raining quite a lot the last two or three days or so), don't worry I hung my underwear to dry inside and did not take a picture of them, so you do not have to be privy to them :D.

These two pictures are really cool. At the elementary school in their recycling area all of their posts were like this, made up of recycled glass bottles.

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