Thursday, February 26, 2009

12 Year Old Girls

I just have to say how extremely grateful that I am not a 12 year old girl anymore (or in that age group), last night I went with a bunch of friends to the Draper Temple Open House, and it was Wednesday night so of course there was tons of mutual groups there. It seemed that every time I was in a line or on the bus there was a group of girls nearby me. Not that I am denying that I used to be exactly like them but now that I am older and a little more mature they are super-duper annoying!
I think that the most annoying part was on the bus ride back to the church where had parked our cars, this is the conversation that I heard from a girl as she was calling her mom to tell her that we were on our way back to the church. It went as follows (mind you in a very high squeaky voice)
"Hi Mom, we're on our way home..well we're not really on our way home. I mean we're on the bus so I guess that we are on our way home, but not really..." It was at about this point that I stopped listening to her.
I just wanted to thank everyone that had to deal with me when I was that age and didn't decide to slap me or something, I am sure that I would have been quite annoyed with myself if I was this age and had to deal with me at that age. And THANK GOODNESS that I am past it now!

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