Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Project

I started a today, in the form of a new blog--it is a blog devoted especially to sharing with my friends and family the movies that I own. I have so many movies but cannot share them if people do not know what I own. So far I have done a "post" about each movie and now have connected them by what they are rated, I hope to eventually sort and link them by the major actors/actresses that are in the movies, the decade they were made, and hopefully genre. Here are the links to the movie rating lists (*Note each movie title is linked to their description page)

Not Rated Movies
G Rated Movies
PG Rated Movies
PG-13 Rated Movies

*If you find that a movie is in the wrong rating please tell me, thanks!*


  1. Hi Beth! Great idea posting your movies on a blog!

    Is there a widget or something you can add to it to give the movie some sort of rating for how much you like it (like 1-5 stars or something)?

  2. I'm sending you an email invite to a website. It isn't spam, I really really think it could work for you! Just wanted to let you know it wasn't some mass email :)