Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines Decorations

Last year I worked at the Cannon Center (freshman housing cafeteria) and for every holiday they would have a special dinner with tons of cute decorations, well when Valentines was over they didn't want any of the decorations left over as they weren't going to be decorating in the next Cannon Center this of course being my mothers daughter (:D) I had to take some of them. They had, had them in amongst the fake plants that were in the centers of each table..I got them out yesterday and taped them to Sarah's and my stairwell and then put the taller ones in a vase downstairs. It's not much but at least it's something..I think that they are cute!

One of the hearts close-up.

The taller ones in a vase--there are so many of them and you can't really read them so I don't know if I am going to actually leave them all like that yet.

Looking up the stairwell from the bottom.

Looking down the stairwell from Sarah's room.

(I just realized that I have lived in my apartment for over a month and I have never actually posted pictures of my apartment/house..I will try to remember take pictures tomorrow and get them posted soon!)

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  1. Ahaha!! The Valentine's Hearts, I'd forgotten about those!! Fun times with your work leftovers :)