Wednesday, February 4, 2009

People will be...Human

Tonight after dinner I went to the RB with Kyle to cheer him and Chris (my cousin) on during their intramural basketball game. The game was going pretty well and the scores were pretty close, when I had a opportunity to be reminded that even though we are at BYU, people are still human no matter where you go. One of the guys on the other team received a technical, for some reason this guy wouldn't let it go, and then all of a sudden he yelled out, "this is (f-word), bull (s-word)" and then he stomped over and grabbed his clothes and stomped out the door, but not without yelling "bull (s-word)" again as he left. This first surprised me as it is not very often that I have to hear this language (not that I am complaining), but then it doubled surprised me because I was at BYU. Next I felt disappointment also, disappointment that my standards for BYU students had been squelched and that he had felt the need to get that worked up over what was supposed to have been a fun game.
I had a second chance to be disappointed in BYU students after the game when I was waiting for Chris and Kyle to finish changing and to come out of the men's locker room. There was also 2 girls who were waiting for a friend to come out of the locker room, while they were waited he had gone out a side door and was coming back down the hallway. When one of the girls looked up and saw him coming she said "what the f?" The guy stopped in his tracks and looked at her very surprised.
I can't say that I always say the nicest things or sometimes the most "appropriate," but it amazes me why people see the need to use this kind of language.

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