Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Brake-the-Fast

Sunday I went to my first brake-the-fast (wow, I've been doing a lot of "firsts" lately). I had my camera there but was kind of busy eating and so didn't take too many pictures, I did get a couple though...

While we were eating our food Stacey was telling this story about this kid that would eat anything (including batteries and mercury thermometers), when Bryan reached down and grabbed his cup and took a huge bite out of it, saying "I don't know why kids do things like that." It was pretty funny, I missed him actually taking a bite out of the cup but I did look up to see a huge hole in his cup and white stuff in his mouth.

Beautiful Jamie!

I am trying to decide if Jamie laughing in this picture looks more evil or cute, any votes? Beside Jamie is her roommate Ilarene.

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