Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bridal Shower

Saturday I went to my first ever Bridal Shower, it was for my friend Collette from my ward last year who will be getting married at the end of February. It is so weird to think that there has already been several people get married from my ward last year and even more are engaged! I still think of myself as young, too young to be getting married.
The picture is what we gave as our gift (Shalynn, Erin, Jamie, and I) doesn't show it very well but what we got her was:
  • Two white towels that she had registered for.
  • 1 hand towel that she had registered for.
  • A pack of 18 wash clothes, again she registered for.
  • A small 4-pack of toilet paper.
  • A box of tissues.
  • A toilet bowl brush.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner.
  • 409
  • Windex
and then to make it cute we added some teal ribbon with brown polka dots. I thought that it turned out really cute, when Collette's sister picked up the basket to hand to Collette she stopped and was like wow I want this gift, it made us feel good :D

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