Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girls Day

This morning I had to take a test and I didn't do as well as I had hoped to do :( so when I was done I was ready to spend sometime with the girls. I called up my friend Brea and we decided to go to a Bridal Show that was going on at Provo High School for the fun of it, we had tons of fun and got lots of free samples (yummy chocolate dipped catering business was even making fresh crepes with sliced strawberries and other yumminess :D). There was this cool thing called a Photobooth where we got to take our pictures and they even printed out a copy and let us take one. I have decided that when I get married a photobooth is defintely something that I want to do, it doesn't have to be professionally done but I at least want one..this place was really cool as they had you go into the booth and they took 4 pictures, they then print out two copies of the pictures: one for you and then the other copy you paste onto a scrapbook page and you get to decorate it and write notes to the bride/groom. When the night is over all the pages are put into a album for the bride and groom. I love the photobooth idea because you use props and it just lets people use their imagination and have fun. Here is an example of someone where they made their own. I will put my pictures from our photobooth up as soon as I get my copy back from Brea.
When we were done with the show we decided to head over to the mall and just wander around for awhile, while we were there Leah called and asked to come join us, we just sat and talked for at least an hour- we all commented on how nice and fun it was to be together and just hang out again, we all kind of miss it. Randomly Leah decided that she wanted come ice cream, then it moved to we were going to go and get gelato, but then Brea wanted ice cream and said we should just go to Macey's but then Leah was like no that's not really ice cream so then I suggested that we go to the creamery, so we headed there-- it was so much fun, we had the country music blasting and we were all singing at the top of our lungs/ and talking. They were just about to get in line when Leah was like, let's just get half a gallon and share- so we went to the back and grabbed some cookies 'n' cream ice cream and headed to the checkout line, I decided randomly that I was going to buy some balloons, we decided that we wanted the cow print ones. I had paid for them and everything and she was just about to fill them up for us when she realized that they were all out of helium, so sadly no cow ballons :( We grabbed our ice cream and drove up by the temple, the first place Leah parked was right behind a brick wall so we couldn't see the temple, so then she moved to the next spot, this one was behind a tree and I couldn't see the temple, finally our 3rd spot we could all see the temple, yeah! We ate ice cream and talked for another 40 minutes or so. Sadly our girls day ended, Brea had a date and Leah had to go to work. I was so sad to see it all ended but I loved getting to see my friends again and having time just to spend with them.

Haha, I totally love this one..we took one with Brea's camera and in that one Leah and Brea were totally normal and really cute but then I did a funny face with a plastic spoon and then in this one it was the opposite.

Hey, not bad considering that I took this picture!

Leah eating her spoon and most likely looking at her phone :D

Brea..haha it was so funny, when we were at the Bridal show they were doing people's hair, this one lady at another booth asked if Brea had, had her hair done--Brea's hair was still wet and thrown up sloppy on top of her head.

It looks like we ate the whole carton but we really didn't eat the whole thing.

Brea and Leah diving into the ice cream (they raced to get the first bite)

Leah super excited with the spoons at the Creamery (I just thought of something- it looks like she is touching that spoon with her tongue and then later Brea was sucking on one..hopefully it wasn't the same one- of course it wouldn't really be the same time :D)

Cute Brea at the mall.

Close-up of Leah (she worked the night before 11pm to 7am and then had to be at school at 1pm-yuck)

More wide awake Leah!

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