Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running Shoes

This won't be as exciting to everyone else as it is to me, but oh well! Last week Slickdeals had a code for getting 20% (I think?) off Nike's clearance shoes and another code to get free shipping, I saw it and decided that I would go take a look as I have no running shoes (I accidently left them last year in the locker at the RB at the end of the year and so they cleared out the lockers and threw everything away). I found a pair that I liked and so I called Kyle to have him check them out. He said that they looked good and so I put in my order.

Well this morning I was up in my room when I heard the doorbell, I ran downstairs and opened up the front door, I saw a FedEx truck in front of our house but I saw the guy walking away, I looked to the side of the door and there was this beautiful box. I checked the label and found my name, I quickly ran upstairs and opened the box to find my shoes!!! I am super excited now, because now with shoes I can go to the RB and work out! Yeah for shoes!!

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