Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bathroom: Closed

This morning I woke up to find that my bathroom had somehow got locked during the night- I have a feeling that it was most likely me and I did it when I was half asleep. Anyway through my experience of being locked out of the bathroom I learned how much I actually rely on the bathroom.
* I had to go to the bathroom--being locked out of your bathroom makes that a difficulty (good thing there is another bathroom downstairs.
* I needed to shower--again when you can't get into your bathroom/shower it makes it a difficulty.
* I would have used the downstairs bathroom, but-- my towels were in the locked bathroom and my shampoo is in the locked bathroom.
* My hair was really greasy and since I couldn't shower I wanted to fix it--but my hair stuff was in the locked bathroom.
* I wanted to fix my make-up, but again..my make-up was in the locked bathroom.
I had to go to school without having showered for two days (I know DISGUSTING!), I was more than happy to come home and find that the maintenance guy had finally come and unlocked our door for us. Now I have been like double checking the door to make sure that it is unlocked and will open. Yeah for Bathrooms and Maintenance Workers who fix them!

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