Thursday, February 26, 2009

My House: The Log Cabin

I know, I know, I have been promising for awhile that I would post pictures of my new house/apartment, but today it was super sunny and beautiful (I wore shorts, no jacket w/short sleeve shirt and flip flops today by the way! :D) and so I decided to go and take the pictures and post them up for you, I am sure that there is something else that I should be doing but sometimes things like this are more enjoyable ;D

The cute front view of my house, I live in Log Up and there is also Log Down (underneath the window is their entrance). If you see that little window up on the top that window is in my 2nd storage room (will explain itself as you go through the rest of the pictures).

The entrance to my apartment--to the right you see the living room.

...and to the left/straight you see the stairs to my room and the kitchen.

We went right first, to the living room.

Sorry that it is kind of dark, I didn't think about closing the blinds and it was really sunny, smart huh?

Our little kitchen/table nook, it is beautiful when the blinds are all open and the sun streams through. The windows look out onto the basketball courts and behind them the rest of the Colony and also on our neighbors house.

Right beside the kitchen table is our washer and dryer, that's rights fokes I have a washer and dryer in my house and it's not coin-op! (For those of you who have not stayed at college housing, that is not normally the case..hence I feel very blessed to have it)

This is what you see if you continue going left/straight the entrance, this is the downstairs bathroom and the other two bedrooms where Summer, Becky, and Elizabeth sleep.

The entrance to our kitchen! Fridge on the right and then stove, plus storage cupboard on the right. And obviously dishwasher, sink, dishes cupboards straight ahead.

The rest of the kitchen, sink and counters now on the right, microwave and more cupboards on the left in the little alcove thingy and then Sarah's and my food storage straight ahead (it really is more organized than it looks)

The stairs up to my and Sarah's bedrooms.

Round the corner peeking into Sarah's room.

You can't really tell because it is really dark and the light streaming through the window, but this is a door and we call it our "suicide door," it opens out to nothing and it is on the 2nd floor. It gets really hot upstairs and so we sometimes open it just so we can have ventilation.

The door into my room!

I just barely re-did my room (I turned my bed out instead of along the other wall). I really like it the new way, this is what you see as you first walk into my room.

A closer up of my bed and what is beside it.

To the left as you walk down the little hallway.

The view of my desk from my bed.

My closet, it was feeling a little crowded so yesterday I put away some of the heavier jackets as it is starting to feel more and more like spring so I don't really need the heavy jackets!

Looking into my 2nd room, the storage room.

This picture is not very good, but that is my clothes drawer and then behind it is all of my boxes for when I move...I hope to slowly move into plastic tubs so that it will look a little nicer and more organized. As of right now because of all the boxes that don't brake down it looks really messy and full.

My bathroom, wow I really didn't take a very good picture of this, sorry!

My room as looking from the 2nd room.

The "side/back" view, we have a back door that comes out of the kitchen and then this parking for our cars.

The picture of the street from our parking area. (and our cute tree in the corner of our yard that I did not notice until like after I had lived here a month- sad I know)

The view that I have from my window beside my bed, isn't it beautiful?!

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