Monday, February 23, 2009

Pillow Case: Complete

If you remembered (or really cared), last Wednesday night I went to my sewing lab to create my pillowcase..I was pretty excited to do it and a little nervous also because I haven't had much experience with a sewing machine. I walked into the classroom and sat down, they passed out these papers and had us practice sewing on lines without any thread- I have to tell you that I pretty much sucked (of course I drew the lines also and they weren't exactly straight either--maybe that was part of my problem :D). We then cut our material and put the thread in/on? the machine and started sewing. I felt a little stupid as the girl across from me had pretty much already started before they were even done giving directions of what to do. But they were pretty nice and helped me a lot. I am pretty proud of my finished product! Though I was pretty surprised in the difference in each teacher, my teacher had asked that if we were really good at doing something that she would prefer that we didn't do that as our project, of course she couldn't stop us but the point of a class/project is to learn something new, I was just very surprised at how many people seemed to know what they were doing.
Though the sewing is not perfect I would have to say that it's not that bad considering that it was my first time using a sewing machine and a serger--I didn't veer off too many times :D.


  1. Beth -- your pillowcase turned out awesome!!! And you did a great job.

  2. . . . it's wonderful materials, too. I love the bright stripes.