Monday, February 23, 2009

Sisters Date

Saturday night Libbey, Sallee, Sonia and I went on a 'sisters date' to the Cougarette's Concert, it was so much fun to just go out together. I loved getting to have just sit down time and talk with them, the dancing was amazing..certainly not something that I could do myself. There were several that we enjoyed...Come Thou Fount- a beautiful dance with everyone in white, it just made you seem at peaceful and at one with the music and nature; I Won't Dance (Frank Sinatra)- it was awesome with all the dancers wearing tuxes and hats and had canes, I felt like standing up and dancing with them; their finally Take Cover- the dance was amazing with super cute pink rainboots (:D), umbrellas, again it was super upbeat and just fun. I also heard a new song that I really liked, called Time by Billy Porter. It was a wonderful night and I had tons of fun, I think that the only thing that would have made it better would have been having Becky and Mom with us there also.
Their poster for the concert.

A super cute picture of Libbey and Sallee, unfortunately I didn't get one of Sonia and I.

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