Monday, January 4, 2010

BBQin' Korean Style

Friday night we went out to dinner to a Korean BBQ restaurant. Dennis was parking the car and Joseph was watching Daniel play and so Yuling was handed the menu to order, she started at it for the longest time (I began to wonder if I was the only one that didn't read Chinese :D) and finally told me that she didn't know what to order and that we should wait for Dennis. He finally came in and marked off a couple of things and then handed the order sheet to one of the ladies. Very quickly things began to get put down on the table, lots of little bowls of different foods. I went to pick up something to try it and asked "what is this...or do I really want to know?" They told me to try it but that it was a little spicy--it was crunchy, the taste wasn't too bad but it had a kicker spice after-taste.

After you have eaten some of the little bowl foods they bring this big oven top thing and turn it on (quite scary if you ask me when you have kids with you...or don't have kids with you), then they bring you a pan full of a mixture of raw meats and raw cabbage. You are handed a utensil and you cook the meat and vegetables. As soon as it is all cooked you put it on top of your rice and enjoy.

My family should be happy to know that I tried a little bit of every bowl that you see except the seaweed- I tried that last time and know that I don't like it.

First of all I was super happy with how quickly my chopstick eating skills came back and the food was super delicious (well the food that we cooked at the table- though I tried the other stuff I wasn't that big of a fan)

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  1. Is that Daniel in the second picture from the bottom? He is a cutie.

    I am glad that you are eating well.