Monday, January 4, 2010

Taiwan: How Did I Get Here?

I find myself struggling sometimes to comprehend that I am really back in Taiwan, and only 4 short weeks ago I was asked to come and decided that I would. So many things seem to be the same and yet so much is very different. I guess I should start with how I got here....

As many of you know my friend Leah and I have talked about coming since shortly after I returned, she was looking for a way to earn some money and really wanted to travel; and I had talked about returning to Taiwan even before I was back in the United States. We e-mailed Yuling and expressed our interest in coming, and we continued to move forward with the plans that we would be coming. Even when my Dad passed away we decided that the plans would continue but I would just come home before we left and stay with my Mom. In September I received an e-mail from Yuling saying that because the government and the parents were becoming more strict about the teachers having training in teaching and working with kids they wouldn't be able to offer Leah a position. I struggled with what to do, whether I should still go by myself or not and I finally e-mailed Yuling back telling her that if she had someone else that was interested in coming at this time then she should give them first priority to come but if she still didn't have someone to come that I would be willing. She responded back that she had two interns that were coming in January and that I wouldn't need to come but if I was ever interested in coming again to let her know and she would have a spot for me.

I still wasn't sure how I felt, I didn't know if I was happy that I wouldn't be going or if I was disappointed because I wouldn't. But I figured that it had been decided and that I would just stay home and work. For the next couple of months I began to struggle, I knew that when my Dad had died that coming home to help my Mom was the best choice for me, it was where I was supposed to be; but I felt that my time was done at home and that I needed to move on and I wasn't completely happy at home.

December 2nd I received a new e-mail from Yuling, one of the interns had cancelled on her and she was wondering if I would still be able and willing to come teach in January. My first reaction was "Wow" and then I felt a feeling of relief, of a knowledge that though I would only have a short time to prepare that this was the route that I needed to take.

There will be times of trial and frustration, but there will also be times of happiness, excitement, and learning. I am so glad that I am here and I know that this is where I am supposed to be. So...."Hey Taiwan...I'M BACK!!! :D"

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