Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cheesecake Yumminess!

Oh my goodness do I have so much to catch up on (blogging and otherwise), but of course I don't start way back where I should, I start with the yummy (literally) parts :D.
Friday night we were invited to attend a concert recital of Tiffani's (Andrea tutors Tiffany and Isabelle and then Vanessa goes to Owl Preschool). The recital was beautiful and it was fun to be able to listen to good music for a couple of hours. But after wards we were on our way when Vanessa's mom mentioned that she had cherry cheesecake, we thought that we would stop somewhere and eat it, but nope she took us home and when we got out of the car she handed us this bag (from Tiramisu, a cake company) and told us that we would like it.
We tromped upstairs and of course had to open it right away and take some pictures :D, it turned out not to be cherry but blueberry instead (I wasn't super excited about that part at first, but I have warmed up t it now). Andrea was super excited because cheesecake is her favorite. (I think that I already know what I will be getting for her birthday in February)
OH MY GOODNESS! It was so super duper yummy! We each had a piece while watching the movie Friday night, another one while we were watching the movie last night and I think that we may have snuck another piece in there somewhere. If you come to Hualien I would definitely recommend the cheesecake :D

We're just a little excited/surprised to be getting cheesecake (and plates) :D

You can't really see it but Andrea thought that the little forks that it came with were hilarious.

Notice how each slice is wrapped in it's own piece of aluminum foil? Yeah I wouldn't want that job.

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