Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Moon

Hah! Like I'm talking about that one, nope I'm talking about the one outside, you know the one that is in the sky and that is super know the one I'm talking about? Good! Tonight there was fireworks outside and I was hoping to capture some cool pictures (I discovered that my camera has a fireworks setting!), but sadly I didn't get any cool ones worth sharing (I guess you always have to have the trials where you delete every single one that you take) but as I was looking for something else to take a picture of Andrea pointed out the moon---it was beautifully breathtaking with the clouds passing by in front of it, I shot a couple and I am super pleased with what I got.


  1. And it is the same moon that we see -- very beautiful.

  2. Blessings, just browsing bloggersville when i happened upon your blog. Love the pics of the moon it looks like someone is playing a trick with a quarter.

    good job....