Saturday, January 23, 2010


My family should be super impressed with me...
this week in school our theme was "Vegetables" and we wanted the kids to try some raw and cooked vegetables to be able to compare (they don't normally eat raw vegetables--see story about this at end) and so because Yuling bought us all these vegetables we had plenty of leftovers, well leftovers mean that you have to eat them. So we did! We made an omelet sort of thing in disguise as scrambled eggs, it had...tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, peas, potatoes, cucumbers...and guess what I ATE IT! (and we had spaghetti sauce that had broccoli and mushrooms). Oh yeah and I ate it without any ketchup or extra toppings (and liked it). So dear family (and friends) you should be mighty impressed with me, I'm moving up in my anti-veggie world :D

Wednesday we talked about celery and of course you can't talk about celery without doing ants on a log, we talked about them and then all the kids washed their hands and got to make their own (I had already pre-cut the celery). At the end of my first class there was a bag full of celery that had the peanut butter and raisins licked off (they really liked that part :D). My 2nd class was a little more adventurous and everyone ate the whole thing. I thought that it was pretty funny...they were almost worse then me :D

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