Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Burger Baby

Yuling told me that we would be going out to eat at about noon Friday, so I was up and ready (more than ready...come on, the last time I ate was at like 9 the night before) to go by 11:30ish, but then sadly her friend Dennis didn't show up until quarter to 1 :(. When he finally arrived we all (Yuling, her husband Joseph, her niece Allie, her son Daniel, Dennis, and I) crowded in Yuling and Joseph's car and drove to over by one of the universities in Taipei. I was informed that Dennis knows all the good places to eat and this place has one of the best American burgers.
As I just had come from America I wasn't particularly looking to eat a burger (though their fries certainly did look good :D), so I looked at the other options that this restuarant offered- they had breakfast, Mexican, salads, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, and some other random foods. Dennis, Joseph, and Yuling decided on burgers and I went with chicken parmesan with pasta.

This is Yuling's son Daniel- I can't believe how big he is, he was so little when I was here a year ago! They were letting him try different drinks- water, oj, dr. pepper, and root beer and as he was using a straw he was a little messy so they put the napkin on to protect him.

Notice the white dude behind Yuling and Joseph, I have never seen as many white people in Taiwan as I did at this restaurant...when we came in there was a group of 4 guys at one table, another group of 4 sitting behind us, a group came in of 4-6 later, and a another group of 3 girls, plus this single lonely guy eating all by himself and reading a Chinese newspaper (quite as sad as it sounds). I almost thought that I hadn't left the US, but Yuling told me that it is just because we were near the university, also beside the restaurant that we were in there was a pizza place and another hamburger and pasta place.

Look how gigantic these burgers were! I don't think that this picture does it justice, I am pretty sure that when they placed them down on the table there was a huge thud sound :D

Yuling and Allie split one hamburger, but I am pretty sure that even with half of one they were getting more than a normal hamburger size.

My chicken parmesan with was good, not the best that I have ever tasted, but good nonetheless. Mine also came with some soup (it was DELICIOUS!) and garlic bread before I got the main dish, so by the time I had eaten part way through the chicken and pasta I was pretty full--so Dennis finished it for me (AFTER eating his HUGE hamburger). And then to finish it all off my meal also came with a chocolate cake--DELICIOUS!, I really liked it because it wasn't super-duper chocolatey tasting.

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