Sunday, January 24, 2010

Curry Night!

Tonight we pulled Andrea's "chicken" out of the freezer. Andrea really wanted to make curry (and of course was I going to complain...NO!) and since we had the leftover vegetables it was perfect. We even spiced it up a little and added the rest of the peppers and cucumbers (guess couldn't even taste that they were there!). It was super yummy, a little spicy, but nothing that water couldn't help!
(don't you just LOVE the super cute shirt that the Chuy Clan gave me for my birthday?)

Andrea asked if I would eat it if we made it again or if I would be up to making it again...I can't even believe that she had to ask :D

P.S. The meat wasn't bad but we're not quite sure if it really was was kind of tough and chewy. All in all not a bad experience with the meat so far, we are ready to try some more!

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