Sunday, January 24, 2010


...The Polka Dot Girls!!!
So last weekend we went downtown to explore the markets and stores down there (sadly I wasn't super good at taking pictures). When we left it was a beautiful sunshiny day, but 3 hours later when we were starting to head home it changed on us and turned dark and rainy--smart me I had worn capri's and a short sleeve shirt (with no jacket or sweatshirt) and got very wet very quickly. We passed a 7-Eleven (I know surprise surprise) and I decided to dash inside and see if they had umbrellas or a poncho that I could buy for super cheap. The first one I saw was a white umbrella with black polka-dots, I was hooked, I LOVE POLKA-DOTS!!! I purchased it and we left, we started to talk about how we could do a super cute photoshoot with it. Andrea had a jacket but she was pretty wet by this time, so when we passed the next 7-Eleven Andrea ran inside, we were hoping that maybe they would have a black one with white polka-dots but they didn't so she bought the same one. We love our polka-dot umbrellas and have decided together that it was a very wise purchase and that they have already been worth the $100 (about $3 USD) that we paid.
Anyway back to the photoshoot idea, tonight we did it! And here is the result...

We have also decided that since we carry them wherever we go that we will use them to do a photoshoot wherever we visit also (you know how some people take a bear or something wherever they go and take a picture of it where they visit? Yeah we'll just do it with our umbrellas!). We are excited and think that it will be fun at the end of the 6 months to go back through all of our umbrella pictures!

*Sad Day: Last night it was really windy and my umbrella got whipped up and ripped, so I had to throw it away :( I hope to get to 7-Eleven again soon so that I can buy another one, I have learned my lesson though, these particular umbrellas are not meant for high winds!

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  1. Beth, you are so cute! I'm loving hearing about all of your adventures!