Monday, January 18, 2010

I Can Make My Own?

This weeks afternoon class theme is vegetables and gardening, tomorrow's lesson was to be corn but when Yuling came to school this morning the snack for afterschool was to be cooked corn on the cob so my lessons got re-arranged.
I thought that my afternoon classes went really well today, we walked across the street to look at some corn fields and then we went to the kitchen where each kid got to take the husks off of their own mini corn on the cob (weird thing---they eat the purple/red corn here, they like it because it is chewy kind of like sticky rice is how Teacher Stephanie described it to me), then we washed them and put them into water to boil. We also got to pop some popcorn on the stove top (we used one of those camping kind of things that come in a tin pan and you hold it over and it pops---they don't really do at home popcorn because they think that it tastes bad and just get it at the movie theaters).
After school Yuling brought out pans of cooked corn (boiled) I just thought that it was super cool that they got to participate in the preparation of their after school snack, they probably don't think that it as cool, but generally they don't have anything to do with it except eat it. I was proud/happy for them.
*I didn't think that I was going to have enough stuff to fill the 45 minutes this afternoon, but by the time we sang our few songs at the beginning of class, walked over and looked at the corn fields, husked our corn, popped the popcorn, and eat the popcorn we only had 5 minute left so I just showed them two popcorn songs that I had found on youtube---didn't even end up using half the stuff that I had prepared!

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